UK and foreign tax rules can be a minefield

Domicile, residence and expat tax advice in Tunbridge Wells

The interaction of UK and foreign tax rules can be a minefield. BSR Bespoke chartered accountants have a specialist team who can help you steer a course through. We provide expert tax advice for those who are non-dom, expats, UK-resident and non-UK resident.

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The tax rules for UK residents of foreign domicile and expats are complex - and failing to comply can leave you falling foul of the law in two different countries.

We cut through that complexity to:

  • give you clear-cut advice on your UK tax position.
  • help minimise your UK tax liabilities.
  • assist you to complete your UK tax returns.

What is a non-dom?

A non-dom is a person whose permanent home or domicile is in a different country to where they currently reside. Their domicile at birth will be that of their father, but their domicile may subsequently become a country where they have moved to with no intention of returning to the UK.

What is an expat?

An expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in another country. There are more than 5 million UK expats globally.

How about other non-UK residents?

There are also many other non-UK resident individuals with financial interests in the UK, which can create the requirement for a UK tax return.

Am I UK-resident?

It is vital to establish where a person is ‘tax resident’. Determining this can be complex. For peace of mind it is worth seeking professional advice so that the correct tax advice can be given. Each person has unique circumstances that need to be considered before arriving at a conclusion.

Tax advice, planning and management for non-doms

A non-dom may be able to take advantage of a special tax concession in relation to the reporting of income or gains that arise outside the UK, known as the ‘remittance basis’. Non-doms also benefit from an inheritance tax concession so that only their UK assets are within the scope of the tax. Stringent rules apply, as can punitive ‘remittance basis charges’ and the prospect of long-term UK resident non-doms of losing all tax privileges. We help non-doms to elect for the tax treatment that is most beneficial to them in respect of their non-UK income and gains and help manage their finances in a manner that minimises their exposure to income Tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Tax advice, planning and management for non-UK residents

UK property income needs to be accounted for under the terms of HMRC’s ‘Non Resident Landlord Scheme’ to prevent that income from being taxed in full at source. We can guide non-UK residents through the whole process, ensuring you comply with the rules and minimise your tax exposure at the same time.Non-UK residents who sell a UK property have to complete a capital gains tax return within 60 days of the date of sale and can also be liable to UK tax on a portion of any capital gain. We can deal with the return and advise you on the best strategy to minimise your tax - or eliminate it altogether.

Tax advice, planning and management for expats

Being British and living or working in another country can create both tax complications and tax opportunities. Our expert team of chartered accountants in Tunbridge Wells can explain the tax issues and help minimise your overall tax exposure in both countries.

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